Endless possibilities on how to re-purpose a glass jar

Overall, the possibilities for repurposing a glass jar are endless, and you can get creative with how you use it.

There are many ways to reuse a glass jar:

  1. Use it as a storage container for food items such as dried beans, pasta, or rice.

  2. Use it to store non-food items such as buttons, nails, or paper clips.

  3. Use it as a planter for small herbs or flowers.

  4. Use it to make homemade jams or pickles.

  5. Use it as a drinking glass or mug.

  6. Use it to store homemade beauty products such as lotion or facial scrub.

  7. Use it as a vase for flowers or as a decorative piece in your home.

  8. Use it to store small craft supplies such as beads or buttons.

  9. Use it to hold candles or other small items.

  10. Use it to make your own candles or soap.

Remember to clean and dry the jar thoroughly before reusing it. Check out this blog on how to remove any onion-y smell from glass jars.