Top Condiment Celebration Days

Here at Kam's Kettle Cooked HQ we love any reason to celebrate all things condiments and that includes the following National Holidays:

January 22nd is National Hot Sauce Day

Kam's is not necessarily a hot sauce, however our Hot Chili Sauce is definitely a sauce that is HOT! 

May is National Salsa Month

Yes, Salsa gets a whole month of celebration! 

June 5th is National Ketchup Day!

Kam's is a great ketchup substitute, perfect on burgers, fries, eggs, any dish that usually is accompanied by ketchup!

August 7th is National Mustard Day

National Mustard Day on the first Saturday in August recognizes a versatile condiment. Used in many different cuisines, mustard comes from the seeds of the mustard plant.

December 17th is National Maple Syrup Day

Many people enjoy it drizzled over everything: from pancakes, to eggs, to salads. I think Buddy the Elf would agree with this!

Every Day is Kam's Kettle Cooked Chili Sauce Day 

National Condiment Days