Happy Vinyl Record Day - 12 August

IMHO Listening to music on vinyl and listening to music through a streaming device are two very different experiences. 

When you switch on a streaming device and select a genre of music, a playlist or a theme; the music is never ending. The music keeps coming which is so useful when you are busy doing something else and want some background music.

However what about when you want to really listen to music? When you really want to be absorbed by the music? A vinyl record is perfect.  A vinyl record will stop playing at the end of each side and will require you to return to the turn table and be present. This way, the listener is involved in the music. You'll gently remove the record without creating damage, flip the record over and place it back on the record player in order to continue to listen to the music. 

Hearing is not the only sense used when playing a record. We touch the vinyl as we place it on the turn table. We might use our olfactory nerve as we smell the vintage dust (depending on how old your record collection is). We use our sight to read the album cover, to enjoy the art or read the lyrics.

There's something magical about that involvement in not only listening to vinyl records but being completely absorbed in the moment.

Happy Vinyl Record Day!