Avocado Toast with Kam's | Brunch Ideas

Avocado Toast is a great idea for brunch, adding Kam's chili sauce elevates the taste.

Bread to toast: Rye, Challah, Baguette.
 Avocado or/and guacamole
Grated Cheese (optional)
Fried Egg (optional)
Chili Sauce
Avocado Toast with Egg and Chili Sauce Recipe


  • Lightly toast your bread. Any bread will work, I especially like a seeded rye or a challah bread.
  • If you are adding an egg, fry the egg to your liking.
  • When the toast is grilled to your liking, remove from toaster and add guacamole to the toast, add slices of avocado (if using).
  • sprinkle cheese, then add the egg ontop.
  • Finish with a generous spoonful of Kam's Chili Sauce.

Enjoy with a side salad and roasted potatoes.